ourWorld GameBar

Install our awesome ourWorld GameBar and earn FREE GEMS! You also earn gems for your searches!

With the ourWorld GameBar you’ll also receive exclusive GameBar only offers and the latest news instantly.
Stay connected to ourWorld directly.

Did we mention you also earn FREE GEMS? ^__~

Install the ourWorld GameBar!!

BONUS Gems every week!
Earn 10 Gems for installing the GameBar!
Earn Gems for your Searches!
Stay connected! Activate ourWorld from your GameBar!
Get the latest ourWorld News instantly!
Exclusive ourWorld GameBar Offers!












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About Bubbles8849

Elllo! :3 My name is Kelly. I live in the United States. I am an experienced blogger and ourWorld player. I started my first ourWorld blog about 2 or 3 years ago. I am the founder of crazy4icecream.wordpress.com. [It's named after my first crew:] Ambee246 came up with it] I'm smart, nice, loud, talkative, ect. I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty! I love K-Pop and Korean Drama. I love music, and most of all, I love my friends&family. I also like sweets:3 Including cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies,ect. And I like candy! And frozen treats like icecream, frozen yogurt, and snowcones! I was born on March 21st. -Kelly Feel free to ask me questions about ourWorld. See ya on ourWorld! Username - Bubbles8849 Facebook - Ourworld Kelly Aim - aznkellyb00@aim.com Yahoo - owbubbles8849@yahoo.com

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